File IKE: Promotion and Retention Of Students


M.S.A.D. No. 75 provides a standards-based education based on Maine’s Learning Results.  Students must meet these standards in order to advance and ultimately graduate with an M.S.A.D. No. 75 diploma.  The administration, teaching and guidance staff shall strive to create an instructional program that will provide each student with maximum opportunity to progress through school in accordance with his/her abilities. The District will establish systemic standards certification points for diagnostic and prescriptive reviews of student performance at the District, school and class level.

In cases where the student is not meeting with success, the teacher shall advise and consult with the student’s parents, the school’s child study team, advisor and/or guidance counselor and the school administrator.  Retention will only be considered an option in Grades K-8 after the school has exhausted all other options for student success, has found that targeted assistance has not been successful, has determined that the student will profit from the repetition, and has parent support for the decision.

In high school, successful completion of courses and accrued credits will determine grade placement and progress toward graduation.  The assessment of individual student progress toward achieving the Maine Learning Results is primarily achieved through standards-based assessments that are part of each course and found in each class.

Students who transfer into the District will be placed in grade levels and courses as determined by a transcript analysis by the school principal.

FIRST READING:                                              October 8, 1987
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ADOPTION:                                                       October 20, 1987
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