Message from the Superintendent


August 1, 2019

Welcome to MSAD #75, I am incredibly honored and humbled to have been chosen and to have started here as the Superintendent of Schools.  As I begin my new professional journey in M.S.A.D #75, I look forward to meeting and developing positive working relationships with members of the schools and greater communities.  I would like to share a few thoughts:

Commitment to Student Success:  I believe strongly that the leader of a school system must model a growth mindset and demonstrate a commitment to the academic and social-emotional success of all students while providing the resources and supports that teachers and other professionals in our schools need to do the same.   As a leader, I hope to strive to make decisions by considering the perspectives of all stakeholders while promoting a focus on “what is best for students” as the priority.  I try to build support among all stakeholders by sharing knowledge and experience, valuing diverse viewpoints, and bringing individuals together around a common purpose.

Strategic Leadership for Results:  I place a high value on consensus and collaboration as we work strategically to bring best practices to our district.   I value establishing positive relationships a priority in building teams that have a shared vision of what quality learning looks like for all students.  I believe that developing rigorous shared goals and working purposely and reflectively toward their achievement is key to academic and civic success for students.  Additional, I believe in supporting staff while maintaining high expectations for all adults.  Our schools should be a great place in which to learn and to work.

Understanding of Diverse Maine Communities: Having been raised in a small town in central Maine and worked for over 14 years in one of the most diverse communities of our state, I have learned much about how varying socioeconomic levels and home supports can present challenges and barriers to student success.  I believe that equity is only achieved through a focus on excellence and that can only be accomplished when a leader is able to relate, care for, and lead all members of the school community including students, families, policy-makers and business leaders.

I look forward to getting to know members of the M.S.A.D. #75 school community and the community members from Bowdoin, Bowdoinham, Harspwell and Topsham.  Only by working together can we achieve the results that we want for our students and what our students deserve.  We will make mistakes along this journey and when we do (not if), we simply ask that you have a conversation with us and share your concerns over the phone or in person.  We will do our very best to own it and make it right, when and wherever possible.

If you have questions, concerns or comments please reach out to one of us.


Shawn M. Chabot


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